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Whenever batman was still possible? KINDS OF SENTENCES AND THEIR PUNCTUATION. What are 5 examples of compound sentences? It might be a good idea to review the definition of clauses at this point and the uses of the. According to this definition the following examples are all sentences 1 Paul likes football. Simple compound and complex sentences explained with examples easy grammar.

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About Transcript A simple sentence contains one independent clause A compound sentence contains more than one Put another way a simple sentence contains a subject and a predicate but a compound sentence contains more than one subject and more than one predicate.


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Each is written with an idiom definition 3 idiom examples and audio recordings That way you will know what the idiom means and how to use it in a conversation.

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They are compound sentence and definition? Compound Sentences Grammar EnglishClub. Sentence Types Simple Compound Complex and. The classic definition is this A compound sentence has more than one subject or predicate. As a good flow much, for adding the time i am a sentence and.

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