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The hospital provides thick pads.

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It has every organized pocket imaginable, false if it cannot. Think of them as disposable underwear instead of adult diapers. Crying babies and often soothed as soon as a car starts to move. With Babylist, be sure you have those packed in your bag. Use our hospital bag checklist to pack for both you and baby. You can also wear the flip flops in the shower. DO know I will be taking a million photos and videos!


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Be sure to take a ton of photos after the baby is born. Whatever makes you comfortable should find a place in your bag. The most important thing that you need to bring is the car seat. If I ever have another baby hand soap would earn a spot!


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Taking a little piece of home with me helps to ease my stress levels and I love to have a soft blanket to cuddle up in during all of the late night feedings.


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Netflix going, the clean clothes, and your spouse or partner. Bring something ratty that can be thrown out or burned later. They will also supply you with some super crucial supplies. And for the most part, it can be really chilly in the hospital. Thanks for adding your feedback.


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